David has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Human Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Biology from Long Beach State University (1981). His experience in the field includes the following:


  • Twenty years as a nutrition science advisor for the National Council Against Health Fraud as well as with Quackwatch.org. His role with both organizations was to respond to health misinformation in the media and act as an objective source of sound human performance and nutrition science information to inquiries from the media, athletic organizations, educators, universities, etc.

  • Seven-years directing a full Exercise Physiology Lab (metabolic lab) for a large medical practice.

  • Fourteen-years as an adjunct college nutrition instructor.

  • Twenty-years in the physical rehabilitation / sports medicine field.

  • Since August of 2017, he has been providing commentaries related to counterfeit and junk-science health and nutrition issues for WND.com.

  • Voting member with the Creation Research Society since 2000.

Two nationally recognized consumer advocates, Stephen Barrett MD of Quackwatch, and Victor Herbert MD, JD of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, have described his consumer education work in sports nutrition quackery as “the most thorough investigation” identifying the deceptive marketing methods used by the sport supplement industry to exploit and fleece consumers, in their book The Vitamin Pushers.


Published work

In 2006 he published, "Muscles Speed and Lies - What the Sport Supplement Industry Does Not Want Athletes' or Consumers to Know." The International Olympic Committee chose this book to be included in "the most important bibliography of the holdings of the IOC Medical Commission Collection of Sports Medicine for reference texts and scientific journals published until 2010."  

The American College of Sports Medicine review of his book stated the following:

Reviewer: Mark E. Lavallee, MD, CSCS, FACSM (Memorial Sports Medicine Institute). Description: This book will enlighten readers about the often-murky world of the sports supplement industry.

Purpose: The author's purpose is three-fold: first, to expose the sport supplement industry's history of lies, deceit, and greed, similar to Ralph Nader's campaign that exposed the safety concerns of the Corvair; second, to educate athlete-consumers on the real science behind vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, antioxidants, and other supplements; and, finally, to give athlete-consumers some practical applications and ways to apply the information to their lives.

Assessment: This well written book keeps readers' attention while discussing very eloquently the science of nutrition and the myths revolving around the supplement industry. The author accomplishes the difficult task of addressing two different groups with this book: the athlete and the more educated sports science/sports medicine student. This book parallels Faust's Gold: Inside the East German Doping Machine by Steven Ungerleider (St. Martin's Press, 2001) which exposed the doping issues associated with East German athletes in the 1970s and 1980s.


Media and consultation work examples

Media appearances or nutrition resource to:

  • NBC Dateline  (Hype In A Bottle – 1996)

  • CBS Evening News  (steroid issue and Major League Baseball)

  • Dole Nutrition Institute

  • ESPN Outside-The-Lines

  • Sports on Earth / USA Today

  • Boston’s Channel 7

  • CNN

  • CBS This Morning

Peer Review Journal Publications:

  • British Journal of Cancer

  • The Lancet

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Journal

  • American Journal of Emergency Medicine

  • Rehabilitation Today

  • Circulation

  • Physician and Sports Medicine Journal

  • New York State Medical Journal

  • PLOS.One

  • Nutrition Science News

Newspapers and Magazines:

  • San Francisco Examiner

  • The Washington Post

  • Denver Post

  • Boulder Daily News

  • Boston Globe

  • New York Daily News

  • Runner’s World Magazine

  • San Diego Tribune

  • Parade Magazine


  • Nutrition Quackery Prevention Task Force’s 14th Anniversary, Loma Linda University

  • PAC-10 Team Physician and Head Athletic Trainers Conference

  • National Athletic Trainers Association Meeting

  • 2000 Physical Education, Athletic Coaching, and Health Workshop, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo State University

  • University of Northridge Sports Medicine Night

  • 58th Annual, Postgraduate Convention, of the School of Medicine of Loma Linda University

  • University of Nevada Las Vegas

Private Organization Assistance:

  • San Francisco Forty-Niners (1998-2005)

  • Declaration to the Superior Court of California (1998)

  • Law Firm of Leopold, Petrich & Smith of Los Angeles, CA.

  • Cooper Clinic

  • United States Swimming

  • New York Yankees

  • United States Cycling Federation

  • New York Department of Consumer Affairs