Obsession with health and longevity issues have become a religion for many-an obsession  which is largely based upon a variety of myths and misconceptions. Faith, Science, and Health counters the misunderstandings most health-conscious consumers have regarding such issues as organics, supplements, weight loss, aging, food additives, vegetarianism, the food supply process, nutrient needs, origins, etc. By revealing the vacuity of these issues , consumers can better direct some of the billions of dollars spent each year on fruitless and expensive lifestyle habits, overpriced “health” foods, and related gimmicks towards more appropriate household needs or ministries.

Faith, Science, and Health also addresses the credibility problem within  much of today’s “science” news,  a now rampant  problem issuing from both the left and right leaning news sources. Both sources fail to grasp the extent of the fake or junk-science they extract their “news” from, appearing incapable of separating the wheat from the chaff.


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